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What Makes Virtual Data Rooms so Secure?

In the modern world, any information is precious. That is why people are trying to find the best place to store their data. Often, companies keep all the essential information on their servers or cloud storage. But there is a more flexible and secure solution, like a virtual data room. Here is more about it.

Data room solutions: how to make your business safer?

Virtual data room (VDR) is a relatively new technology that appeared long ago and has already attracted much attention. All important information, with this version of its storage, is located in one place, on the service provider’s server. And users receive access through the application, browser or other programs. It is much more convenient than keeping everything on different media, suffering with access, information transfer and backup copies.

The data room is the perfect place to store all sensitive files, documents and other assets related to business transactions. You can store, manage and share information securely and with controlled access. It is a great way to improve your repository’s security by protecting sensitive documents from being stolen or hacked. If files get lost in transit, that’s not a problem. There will be no paper copies lying around for anyone to find. Therefore, this solution is suitable mainly for M&A deals, startups and fundraising, real estate and venture capital deals.

The implementation of the fundraising VDR allows companies to optimize the processes of working with confidential documents. The organization of the digital data repository enables them to create a sizeable reliable database where you can not only store financial papers but also perform any operations with them that are necessary for the full functioning of the data management system. The data room file system or block storage facilities allow it to easily control the content, integrate storage facilities, and control access. It also should be noted that a high-quality data room interface is not overloaded with unnecessary functions. You can also flexibly configure the functionality with the platform. It brings savings as you only pay for what you need. Everything you need will always be at hand.

Why is a data room more secure?

So, let’s analyze the standard data room security features to understand why this solution is considered the most reliable:

  • Archival data storage. Storage of documents in a centralized data room store excludes the possibility of access to the documents bypassing the system and greatly simplifying the backup procedure for the archive.
  • Data backup. The backup serves as protection in case of loss of important data, so it is essential not to neglect it. Reserve copying is done to restore data in case the information is damaged or destroyed in the central storage place.
  • Two-factor authentication. After entering the account password, a unique confirmation code (relevant for a short time) will be sent to your phone, which will need to be entered in a separate authorization field. Without this code, you can’t get access to the account, even if the correct password is entered.
  • Data encryption. The data room encryption technology uses complex data transformation algorithms. It must be used to protect confidential information truly. Data room encryption is supported using a user key that is not stored on customer servers.
  • Access data control. Access management in a data room is essential for controlling work, preventing data leakage, and reducing the number of errors and failures in the system. You can set the access to each role or specifically for each system employee.